Tom Bick: In Memoriam

Tom Bick

If Olson Engage created a "Mount Rushmore" honoring our most beloved clients, Tom Bick would be on it.

And that’s not an accident.

“You want to be that account every junior person craves to work on,” he once said, when asked by a trade reporter how he got the most out of his agencies, “because he or she wants to do great things.”

He came to that conclusion because (1) he’d worked at agencies and marketers alike and (2) he cared enough about people to understand their motivations. Empathy is not a client trait that was celebrated on many episodes of “Mad Men,” but the best wield it well.

And Bick was one of the best. He understood that his willingness to take chances gave his partners permission to be similarly brave. The ideas he bet on worked because they were as smart and funny and bold and human as he was.

He’s gone way too soon.