Media-Shy Marshawn Lynch Talks to the Rainbow

Inspiring a pop-culture phenomenon.

Skittles had spent months setting plans for its first Super Bowl ad. But after the brand’s biggest and best-known fan, Seattle Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch, miraculously led his team to the game, the brand knew it had too big an opportunity to pass up. In less than a week, it created a video that perfectly played off the two things everyone knew about one of the biggest stars on the Super Bowl stage: He loves Skittles, and he hates talking to the media. The Skittles Press Conference video we launched on the eve of Super Bowl Media Day became a viral sensation, with more than five million organic YouTube views and 600 million media impressions. It also became a full-fledged pop-culture phenomenon, inspiring an SNL skit, drawing laughs on “Conan” and even making its way into the opening minutes of the Super Bowl broadcast. Most important, it drove a record sales increase.


The program won “Best in Show” honors at both the 2016 Innovation SABRE Awards and the 2015 Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Awards. It took home an Americas SABRE Award as the year's best publicity stunt and was also named the top product brand development campaign of the year by PR Week. 

PR Week Awards Winner